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Posted: May 15, 2020 02:23 AM
Great masseuse New in Omaha (Omaha)
Omaha, NE
S 78th st., Omaha , NE
(402) 739-4463
Call me Mimi.
Female Asian LMT.
(402) 739-4463 appointment everyday by phone or tx
member of AMTA.
Absolutely Quiet, warm and cozy studio.
My years massage experience with soothing meditation music can take your stress away.
Studio is located in Commercial building S.78th st. / Farnam Dr. /Dodge Rd.
Outside big parking lot share with hair(left) & chiropractic( right), but we are complete separate business.
Call now for better health & better life. (402) 739-4463
Thank you for reading my advertisement and looking forward seeing you!

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