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Posted: Jul 25, 2014 07:50 AM
Mandarin Interpreter and Translator
Orange County, CA
Guess street at Musctel 91770
(805) 458-4696
Mandarin Interpreter (Los Angeles )
Patrick Liu
--Intelligent, knowledgeable, reliable and professional
Los Angeles based English-Chinese Interpreter Available for trips all over United State, China, all the world!
Telephone: (626) 502-2485 Cell phone : (805) 458-4696

I am a freelance conference interpreter and translator in Los Angeles. I interpret simultaneously and consecutively from Chinese into English, English into Chinese.
My experience includes interpreting and translating on multitude of subjects for international organizations, high-level officials, government agencies, magazine, newspaper.
My commitment to quality work and my abiding live of languages and cultures have enabled me to attract clients from a wide range of sectors. My clients have the comfort of knowing that every piece of translation work is given the highest level of personal attention and that I always go the extra mile to give them the best possible service.
Mandarin Interpreter Freelancer 02/2009-Present
Freelance Interpreter for Hospital, Small claims court, Immigration Court. National-wide 02/2009-Present
Project Translator and Interpreter, Privy Council Consulting LLC, Budapest, Hungary 08/2008-09/2009
Interpreted simultaneously for company's conferences and International events. Established and developed contact list of potential investment customers in China. Provided video and audio presentations for potential Chinese customers. Implemented feasibility study on potential European investment programs. Organized meeting to introduce the unique advantages of investing in Eastern Europe to potential Chinese investors. Collected and managed information and policy related to Chinese investment in Europe.
Senior Translator, Vedanta Aluminum in India ( Power Plant Project) Bombay, India 11/2006-05/2008
Interpreted simultaneously for many business meetings between Chinese party and their Indian counterparts. Traveled across India to interpret for meetings with relevant suppliers and accounting firms. Translated commercial contract with Vedanta. Interpreted for Chinese technicians at the construction site of the power plant.
Translator and Interpreter / Sales Representative, China Best Cleaning Service, Dubai, UAE 09/2003-09/2006
Served as the accompanied interpreter for general manager . Assisted general manager in the development of cleaning supply sales and cleaning service market in UAE. Participated as an interpreter in China Export Commodities Fair held in Guangzhou, China.

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