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Posted: Jan 06, 2021 02:36 AM
Do 180 Degree Life Turnaround With A Business That Truly Works!!!
Long Island, NY
It's no secret that Franchises are one of the most proven business models out there.
And it even seems cool to say I own a "McDonald's", or "Burger King".
But, instead of being like mom and pop opening up shop with no clue what they're doing...
How about a franchise with a proven business model, a consultant to help you get set up, done-for-you marketing materials from corporate...
Basically everything they need to get up and running...
However, I propose a much more lucrative, lower-risk, lower-stress way to build a business...
For only $49 bucks........ Sound to real to be true well calm yourself  get a drink of water and hear me out because it only gets better!!!
But, first let me drive my point home so you can fully understand what I mean friend.
Let's look at the big drawbacks of Franchises:
Franchises have many draw backs one being the high start-up costs and  if you want to get going with a McDonald's, you can expect to shell out over a million bucks!
Then, you've still got to purchase equipment, secure land, get the store built etc...
And, you have to keep it all up, and maintaining a business and the property alone ain't too much fun!
You've also got employees to hire and manage, they aren't usually paid the best so then you've got wage wars, protest rallies etc... for higher pay.
You've got loads of codes to adhere to, you're at the Franchiser's beck and call, they can access your financial records whenever they want and tell you when they want, say, weekly income reports, all around... there are a lot of drawbacks involved.
Really, there are a lot of drawbacks to ANY brick- and-mortar business, and I don't think I could ever run a business like that.
What's better than Franchising? It's much more Awesome and Cooler brother... Licensing!
Much lower start-up costs and overhead...
No employees...
No physical business or inventory needed...
No big fancy demands from corporate...
You're in more control of your marketing...
Huh, still kind of don't get it I'll put it in short.
Basically, you get all the benefits, and then some, without any of the drawbacks!
Crazy right..... I think not!!!!
... Imagine yourself being able to work from home or coffee shops or while traveling.
...Lucrative commissions all the way from $49 to $15,000.
...Full support from the company as well as 24/7 contact with other Licensee's.
...Opportunities for further growth and freedom by attending the yearly Masterminds set in the most luxurious locations on earth.
...And we're just getting started here. : )
Licensing is for the person that see's the benefits in a proven system that works and gives them all they need to succeed...
Yet, they still want a life. They want freedom. They want time to do what they want, when they want.
Just imagine a life like that...
It's the ultimate leverage.
If that sounds good to you, than MTTB isn't 'A+' system for you...
It's 'THE' system for you:
Watch this video link it has a little humor but is a serious Business Plan.
I want you to be in charge of your future and not have to worry about a cash-flow because this is "PPS" in short a "Proven Product System".
*NOTE: Make sure you use a '0' and not an 'O' in m0be.com (the number, not the letter)
Best regards from the inside,
Ryan Eggleston

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