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Posted: Oct 13, 2018 08:21 AM
There's No Point Having a Website Unless It Brings You Clients!
San Jose, CA
(530) 346-3221
Hi Fellow Business Owner,

I'm Corey and unlike most website designers I'm not looking to win an award for "Best Looking Website" or "Coolest Flash Movie".

My only goal is to use websites and internet marketing to generate a steady stream of clients for the local businesses I help.

If that's what you want too, we should talk!

I can show you websites I've designed that not only look great, but help the businesses bring in new clients and customers like clockwork.

Call me at (530) 346-3221 on my direct line for a brief conversation.

Oh, and I work with almost any budget, so costs should not be an issue.

If you're website just sits there, isn't it time to get some clients from the internet, like so many of your competitors are doing?

• Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Local SEO for Small Businesses
• Link Building
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
• Website Design & Management
• Email Marketing
• Custom Face book Pages
• Social Media Promotion
• Reputation Management
• Craigslist Marketing
• Lead Referral Program

Real Estate SEO:-

Real estate SEO is not much different from any other SEO except that it is a very competitive niche with HUGE payouts for successful agents. However, many agents are not familiar with online marketing and find themselves in uncharted territory. . .

Link Building:-

When it comes to Real Estate SEO, Link Building is considered the single most effective way to improve your search rankings. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all use links to help them determine the value of a website. As such, the more links you can gain using ethical means, the better your search engine optimization campaign will perform.

Real Estate Website Management Services:-

We are a provider of highly affordable real estate website management services and highly professional website designs for real estate professionals. View our Portfolio.

PPC Campaign Management:-

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fast growing advertising medium that is turning unknown real estate agents into sales superstars --almost overnight!


WebView Internet Consulting
(530) 346-3221

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