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Posted: Mar 24, 2015 03:15 AM
Help Me Build A Better You!!!
Anchorage, AK

I don't know if this is going to work but I have to try. I'm an independent personal trainer, who up until a few months ago, was very financially stable.

A series of unfortunate events came along and pulled the rug right from under my feet.

My goal is to come up with $5,000 by Monday 3/24 to handle some personal and business matters but I'm not asking for a hand out. I would like to provide my professional fitness services in return for help getting on firmer ground.

For $50 I can offer you:
*A 6 week online training program (complete with weekly check-ins, via phone, e-mail or Skype and nutrition advice)- NATIONWIDE
* 2 Hour long sessions (with Hands-On Stretch afterwards)- NYC/BK ONLY

I accept PayPal and have a verified business merchant account for both of our protection.

If you or anyone you know wants to finally get in shape, this is an opportunity to do so at a fraction of the price and help a genuine, hardworking person get back in their feet.

If you're interested, please send $50 to my PayPal e-mail address: noorijerrard@yahoo.com along with a follow up e-mail stating your goals, so we can work on a strategy.

If you're not interested in my services but can donate that would be appreciated too.
I have no problem talking on the phone and/or sharing my social media links/sites to be as transparent as possible and to show you I am real person who is just temporarily going through a bad situation.
I need to touch 100 hearts along my journey and I'm hoping yours will be one <3
Thank You In Advance!!!

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