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Posted: Aug 04, 2015 05:53 AM
Dental Plans Start $7.95mo. FREE Cleanings, Xrays. Cosmetic Plan (CA)
Palm Springs, CA
Website / Link:
Visit http://www.CalDentalPlan.com

Choose from 3 different plans where you can view and print out brochures, find dentists and apply online. This is NOT a discount plan. There are 250+ covered procedures and 2000+ participating dentists in California.

Do you work for or own a company? Click on "Groups of Two or More" on the site for plans that cost less monthly, have lower copays and richer benefits. You only need a business with 2 or more employees to qualify.

FREE cleanings, Xrays and Exams on all dental plans! Individual plans starting at $7.95 mo. Cosmetic plan covers whitening, bleaching, tooth colored fillings, veneers and more starting at $18.95 mo.

Finally! An affordable dental plan in California that will do what it says. A-Z coverage from Fillings to Root Canals to Crowns and more.



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