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Posted: Aug 11, 2018 09:01 AM
I lost 300 lbs. in 3 yrs & so can You!!! (Casper)
Casper, WY
(307) 247-6735
By the time I was 28 I was 500lbs. Today Im 185lbs. Smaller than I was in high scool. And these are the tools I used! Im no longer a beginer and its time to move on and get more hard core! And honestly I could use the money! Things are wicked tight these days, for us all, I know! Ive before and after pics to prove my claims and will show them to interested peeps in person! I started with the Pro-Form 385 treadmill in Awesome shape. My parents got it brand new bout 5yrs. ago, kept it in their basement and thought about it once in awhile (Pretty sure mom used it to as a clothes line). They finally sold it to me (after a stupid amount of begging) & I used for like 6 months then I moved, a year ago & while I think about it often & am convinced Im gonna use it, in all reality I just dont have the room & so it's gotta go!!! Ive also got the complete 4 dvd set of Hip Hop Abs! These videos are wicked sweet! Killer work outs that make you hurt so good! Cheesy fun for sure but it works and I've got real life before and afters to prove it! Also got a 4 disc Yoga set, includes Power Yoga,Sculpt,Tone & Relaxation, not for newbies unless you like a challenge! And finally a big, heavy, simply beautiful oval mirror to look at your new fit hot self in! Everything together for $200 or best offer, I love to haggle, blame it on my Grandma & the yard sales! Im also willing to sell things apart from the whole and your more than welcome to come check it all out, put in a DVD, go for a run, talk to the mirror & see if your the fairest of them all! I dont have wheels so you gotta pick up! Although you tell me you got $200 cash in your hand & I will get it to you ASAP (most likely within an hour or so after we've talked!) Now
check out the pictures, get some info. Then make me an offer I cant refuse!
Ps. I'm an old school Northern California Hippie that totaly digs a good trade! & Times are Hard & moneys tight, I dont always have the pennies for what I want (sometimes not even for what I need)! So, please, dont be afraid to think outside the box! I'll make a trade for the stuff I need, (its how I'd spend the money anyways LoL) like FOOD (specially fresh veggies & meat), all sorts of stuff for "the house" like, toliet paper, paper towels, kitty liter, wet cat food, Pall Mall Red 100s or Camel 99s, a new pair of shoes (sneakers), new clothes etc. If ya want what I've got bad enough ya'll come up with something brilliant!
Pps Sorry for my horrid spelling! Spell checks not workin right with this site on me phone!

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