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Posted: Jan 09, 2017 06:16 AM
Ant, Bee, Spider, And Other Insect Spraying (Erie, PA)
Erie, PA
(841) 636-1152
Hey everyone, its getting warm out and it is starting to be that time of year where the insects start to come out.
I will spray your home for ants, bees, and spiders, I have lots or references, This is my 4th year doing this type of work.
This spraying will last you all all year with no problems, and if you do have any problems, I will come back at no charge to spray a 2nd time at no cost.
The cost to spray the outside is $70. If you want your basement sprayed also, it will be ad additional $20.
If you are interested, please email, call, or text me and I will get int touch with you to make an appointment or answer any questions that you may have.
I also take credit/debit cards for payments.
I can be reached by phone at 814-636-1152
Thanks and have a great day.

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