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Posted: Feb 05, 2022 01:31 AM
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 792-3125
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Official Time Watch
ROLEX Certified Since 1972
Specializing in the luxury watchmaking industry.

We pride ourselves with the high level of services we offer. From the moment your watch arrives, it receives the utmost care as if the watch were our own.

All movement work comes with a 2 years warranty and all replacement parts are original from the manufacture.
Official Time Watch maintains a large inventory of new original factory parts that allows us to offer a quick turnaround time on repairs.

Our overhaul Service includes:
Movement Disassembly and Cleaning
Our watchmakers take pride in the full disassemble, separating, inspecting and adjusting of all parts of the movement mechanism,before being ultrasonically submerged in 4 different types of cleaning solutions combined with a cyclonic motion.

Re-Assembly and Timing Test
After the movement is cleaned, the watch is carefully assembled, using different types of factory Swiss lubes for the right gears and functions including a new replacement of the main spring. Then the movement is adjusted in 5 different positions on a computerized timing machine to guarantee excellent time keeping.

Case and Band Polishing
Our polish of the case and band is refinished to the tiniest detail, leading to a high polish and a fully restored shine without any visible marks or dents. Official Time Watch also provides a full replacement of crown, tube and case gaskets. (Note: crown, tube and crystals are replaced according to the wear and waterproofing pressure test result. )

Note: Crystals are inspected for any chips or cracks. Findings are given back to the client.

Finally, the fully assembled watch is checked by a computerized vacuum pressure waterproof tester, and computerized timing test checked for 42 hours making sure there are no errors before being sent back to the customer.
We offer many services at Official Time Watch including: Movement overhaul, Cleaning, Crystal fitting, Refinishing of the dial, Case and Bracelet, and more.

To learn more about our service process you can visit our website www.officialtimewatch.com

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