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Posted: Jan 14, 2022 06:24 AM
From Trash outs/Sales Cleans/Carpet Cleaning (Teller County)
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 247-9934 (Tyler or Brandy)
Website / Link:
Carpet Cleaning/Renovations (Woodland Park)
TYLER'S CARPET CARE Home Office (719-247-9934) (719-425-0846) cell (623-680-6235) cell
visit us at http://tylerscarpetcare.com

Entire Home Carpet Cleaning
1100sq ft or less- $90
1500sq ft or less- $90-$155
1500sq ft and up- $155 and up

Advertised price is based off of square footage of the home not the amount of carpet.

This price does not include stairs-stairs are an additional cost of $1.75 a stair

We Have a van with truck mount system, trailer, all tools and equipment!

The last four years we have been working directly for Freddie Mac which is 60% of Arizona's bank foreclosed properties. Affiliates we work with or through are Regis Development and Home Steps.We are honest, reliable, are fully equipped for all types of properties and sizes. Residential, rentals, commercial, complexes, condos, foreclosed, trailers, campers, and personal vehicles. Consistent contracted work, such as complexes or a property management company with many properties are eligible for a low set price per unit or per property. Price is based on contingency of consistent and/or contracted work for a certain number of jobs over a certain period of time.
Excellent references!!
Truck Mount System (steam cleaning) and/or Professional Industrial Floor Scrubber with Extraction- are available for what ever your preference or need may be.

CARPET STRETCH AND REPAIRS-- call for pricing!

RENOVATION SERVICES AVAILABLE--- WE HAVE LIFE EXPERIENCE AND OUR OWN TOOLS {PLUS Trailer/Van}. Areas we are strongest in- ALL Flooring {Installation, repair, cleaning, foundation sanitation with sealant, etc..}Window installation.
Installation of any kind of fixtures, counter tops, cabinets, appliance installation or sanitation, dry wall, patch work, painting, minor electrical, wiring for cable or home theater systems- and more...

RENTAL/SALES-- Detail and sanitation preparation service available- THOSE AREAS NO ONE WANTS TO CLEAN or forget about- WE DO IT! So your property is healthy, bright and ready for occupants. If your rental or home for sale needs outside work- landscaping can be added to a Interior sales cleaning and carpet cleaning for a complete packaged deal. The price is more reasonable than you think!!

WATER RESTORATION 24/7 FLOOD DAMAGE CONTROL-- is available. (location, amount of water will determine the cost)

Service Package deals are available and set at a discount rate- so if you need more than one of these services -- throw them together for a better price.


We are a Family Owned and Operated Business -- Do Not Hesitate, Please Do Call Us Any Time if Your in need of a helping hand or two.....WE TAKE DETAILED PICTURES of all our work from beginning to finish. (Documentation/Verification = NO COMPLICATION). This way at any point of the job or service our work can be referenced from for whatever reason deemed necessary. Home Office (719-247-9934) Cell (623-680-6235) call or text anytime.
To see photos of our excellent work visit us at: (tylerscarpetcare.com) website.

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