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Posted: Aug 05, 2017 03:08 AM
-- Computer Repair Without Leaving Home -- (Nampa)
Boise, ID
(208) 649-4002
Computer not as fast as it should be?
Update notifications popping up every few minutes?
Friends getting email from you for products you have never even heard of?
Don't want to pack up your computer, haul it in to a store, or have a technician come to your home?


This is 2014. Why not have your computer fixed right away from the comfort of your own home? Over the Internet!
Does your machine still connect to the internet?
- Give us a call or drop an email
- Browse to the site we give you
- Click "OK" a couple of times
- That's it!
Our technicians work remotely on your machine or schedules a time that is convenient for you!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for special deals!
See full price list for corporate rates
Ask about special rates for churches, charities, and non-profits

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