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Posted: Nov 25, 2019 04:41 AM
Absolutely free cost analysis with no obligation -- Start saving money
Great Falls, MT
(406) 723-5647
Website / Link:
Are you an existing business in need of excellent customer service and cost savings for
your credit card merchant processing? We offer the best processing rates with no hidden
fees. Just send me your latest merchant processing statement and we will analyze it and
find out how much money we can save you every month. Absolutely free cost analysis
with no obligation.
If you are a NEW business just starting out, please give me a call so we can help you with
the right terminal hardware or POS system that's affordable and will grow with your
Are you ready to take "ApplePay"??? We have the POS Systems, Terminals and PIN
Pads to allow you to take the most secure transaction ever. Start taking them now.
The Holidays are coming up. . ..maybe a Cash Advance or Business Loan is what you
need to leverage inventory or hire that extra staff to get you through the season. Simply
contact me and I'll have our Financial Department contact you with a fast and easy
application process. Business loans up to $500,000.00. Cash Advances up to 150%
against your latest credit card processing statements.
Wireless Terminals, Virtual Terminals, POS Systems (Clover), TeleCheck are all
available through us.
We offer one simple and easy challenge. . ..just send us your statement, let us analyze
it. . .if we can't save you money, we will give you a $500.00 Visa Gift Card.
All business and industry types are welcome.
Please contact me,
John Rask
Account Executive
Ph# (406) 723-5647
Swiptec LLC
877-383-1356 FAX

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