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Posted: Dec 11, 2015 01:11 AM
★ ★ 4Wk Recreation Therapy Assistant, Certification Prog/ NonProfi (Santa Fe)
Santa Fe, NM
Train in just a few weeks to work in therapeutic recreation--with seniors, and folks with other special needs.
* Art therapy; exercise, community integration; Adaptive Yoga; Psychosocial; Spiritual;
learn to: Assessments, aging and psychology, Hospice, Alzheimer's programs, calendar and

4 week course/ materials included
student support and career counseling

NO student loans and no payment plans and no hidden or add on cost: low tuition program
ONLY one time only $ 45-$69 total.

Paraprofessional certificate program
OBRA 40 hour regulations based course
REGISTER and start this week http://www.activitiesforlife.net

and ABUNDANT Life!
Activities for Life

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