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Posted: Apr 18, 2018 03:30 AM
★★ Blog Design & Upkeep (Charlotte NC)
Charlotte, NC
(704) 606-9497 (Kelly)
We design blogs (that look like websites) for start-up companies or companies or individuals who want to get an online presence in a quick & easy manner. We also maintain blogs for a monthly maintenance fee. Call us or email us today! http://blogdesign4less.blogspot.com

Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog!
★ Your competition is blogging! In fact, over 40% of businesses are using blogs for marketing, SEO, website traffic, customer education and feedback purposes.
★ Blogging gets you 55% more website visitors than you would if you didn't have a blog. More traffic, more customers.
★ Companies with more than 50 blog posts increased an average their monthly leads by 77%. The more you blog, the more leads you get.
★ Your customers are reading blogs every day. Sometimes, more than once. This is an opportunity to reach (not preach) to your clients!
★ Blogging is a good way to keep your website relevant and current. A blog is a great way to get your business information out to current clients and future clients..
★ A blog gives you an opportunity to get feedback from people. By leaving a comment, they can let you know how you may be helping them or if they have ideas or negative feedback. A blogs gives you the chance to respond to them and build a relationship with them.
★ A blogs is a great way to become a leading authority in your profession. Use them to create content which will attract like-minded people.

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