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Posted: Jan 02, 2021 01:53 AM
Handmade, Artisan Gifts by Cinnamon and Silver Jewelry (Kettering, OH)
Dayton, OH
A truly Romantic shop, Cinnamon & Silver Jewelry and Gifts offers unique, imaginative, jewelry and original designs. Our mission is to spread the joy of all things shiny far and wide.

We call ourselves a truly Romantic shop, because our pieces are all inspired by the Romantic period of history. Before the Victorian era, there was Romanticism!

The Romantics inspired what we call "Fantasy" today, and loved nature, imagination, Greek myths, and tales of queens, kings, knights, and princesses. In fact, the fairy tales we know and celebrate first became popular during the Romantic period of the late 1700's to mid-1800's.

Our shop takes it's cue from the Romantics with an emphasis on imaginative jewelry and accessories that are simple and playful. Cinnamon & Silver invites you to express your individuality with our line of original, one-of-a-kind designs. We strive to make jewelry that is fun, memorable, and uniquely yours.

Check out our store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CinnamonandSilver

Follow us for daily updates on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/cinnamonandsilver
Or read our jewelry tips and hints at our blog: www.CinnamonandSilver.wordpress.com

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