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Posted: Sep 21, 2016 04:00 AM
Tire Dealers We Deliver 1000's of Used Tires in VA Everyday (CarolinaUsedTires . com)
Richmond, VA
(919) 341-5550
Website / Link:
Wholesale Used Tires from CarolinaUsedTires.com at New! Trailer Load and LTL Prices -- Our standard used tires are Quality Controlled including mechanical air check for high tread, Repair ID Checked and Thread Checked to insure a Quality Control Re-Sell capability to our clients. (No wasted time, labor or money to our dealers). Our available inventory is over 250K used tires, with a regular wholesale used tire distribution of over 75,000 used tires per month and growing. Quantities are standard loads of 1350 tires per trailer / standard loads of 1000 tires or LTL standard, 500 tires, 400 tires, 300 tires, 200 Tire and 100 tire LTL minimum purchase. Non-standard loads in 50 tire increments and contract rates are available.

Regular mix load pack of 70% of 14"/15"/16" with the majority as 15in. and 16in. and 30% of 17"/ 18"/19"/20" - ..... All prices are FOB from our Raleigh / Wendell NC facility (Check Website for Current Pricing).....Trailer Load Drop Shipments and Export Container Shipments are available, Our LTL trucks deliver locally in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee starting at $0.75 a mile everyday and great rates for trailer load transport pricing depending on distance from Raleigh NC. . ..Local Raleigh NC delivery area is a $30 LTL charge up to 500 tires..... All our mixed loads are C grade 4/32 to 6/32's with a random percentage of mixed tread B grade, A grade. LT's and Low Profile tires included in every load (We Do Not Separate)....

We Do Not Sell To The Public, Wholesale Only! Tire Dealers and Exporters Only, Please go to the Carolina Used Tires website "CarolinaUsedTires.com" for more details, information and to submit the new dealer form to get started or call us at 919-341-5550 Thank You from CarolinaUsedTires.com where "Everybody Rides On Used Tires"

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