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Posted: Feb 20, 2018 07:24 AM
Private-Custom Tour Services (Island of Oahu)
Oahu, HI
(808) 636-4965
Website / Link:
We are a private tour taking only 1-6 people in modern, clean, ac, safe, insured reliable, on-time, comfortable seating and automatic door vans.

HAE@Hawaii.rrr.com or (808) 636-4965 or www.KeanuIslandTours.com. We have "full-day" (9.5 to 10 Hours) and "half-day" (4.5 to 5 Hours) tours.

Included in your tour: We bring trail mix, macadamia nuts and other healthy snacks for the day and we fill the cooler with beverages of YOUR choice (Including adult beverages such as beer, wine, or other adult beverages YOU REQUEST, AND we pay for them as well . . . along with water, club soda, juices, sodas, milk, and other beverages you request. We provide boogie boards, giant beach towels, sun block, and we take you to the BEST places/sites on Oahu that visitors to Waikiki and even many locals don't even know about.

Then at the end of your tour you will receive valuable gifts that will endure a lifetime in your home that will provide lasting and joyful memories of your fabulous tour. We are educational, informative, family friendly, insured, gay friendly, safe and very professional.

Our Facebook Pages Are: "Keanu's Island Tours" and "Keanu Bruner"

We also do Airport, Cruise ship, Vacation Rental, and Hotel SHUTTLE SERVICES and private airplane tours. We are on-time, clean, comfortable and we run 24/7/365. When you go to our site, be SURE to visit the Itinerary page and the video Page.

. . . AND, like no other tour company, WE HAVE AN AIRPLANE that holds our pilot and three guests for those who want to an additional tour of the island from a "Birds Eye View" or who may want to go to another island for the day and not use the expensive & time-consuming commercial flights. No waiting in long lines, no check in, no nonsense, no security pat-down issues, more fun, better views, our own tarmac away from Honolulu Airport terminal, AND much cheaper than commercial flights.

HAE@Hawaii.com or (808) 636-4965 or www.KeanuIslandTours.com

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