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Posted: Jun 22, 2020 02:13 AM
$85 Water Heater Replacements!!! (The Fort/100 mile radius)
Fort Collins, CO
(303) 725-8075 (Dan)
Hi!! Thanks for looking, we hope you'll find plenty of information here if you're considering a water heater install, or any plumbing service. We do professional, full service, discount water heater installs and plumbing work, and are licensed as well as carrying multimillion dollar insurance. The insurance part is very important folks, and we'd be happy to provide the information for you to check out. Please, request an insurance certificate from anyone that you hire to do any plumbing work, even handymen. As a side note, installing a water heater correctly with solder connections does not take a pro 45 minutes, as I've recently seen advertised in a few places. Top quality installs take 3-4 hours on site. We only do solder connection installs, we do NOT USE Sharkbite fittings. The old school way that has worked for a century.

The important part, of course, is the price, correct? How does $85 labor sound? No kidding. We will include delivery, install with code approved flex lines, haul away with guaranteed recycle, and a three year warranty for under $100 bucks. You pay for the parts, as listed on the receipt, that are required for your job. If you are not satisfied when we're done, either we make it right, or your install is on us. Free. Not only are we the most reasonable folks in town, but we are confident enough to say that you'll be satisfied, or the entire install is on us.

Our $85 price has limits, of course, but we promise they are very reasonable conditions. Your valves must be in good condition, reusable in a new flex line install, and meet or exceed code. You must be on a concrete subfloor, with a drain in close proximity. You must have copper piping. Your exhaust venting must be in good shape, sized properly, and of the correct gauge. We must use all new parts for the majority of what we touch, which we will not mark up, at your expense. The job must be completed to code. The heater must be easily accessible, please understand we can't move 60 boxes to get to it. We'll go up or down one flight of stairs. You are within 15 miles of the center of the Fort. Pretty standard stuff, and at an amazing price. Our satisfaction guarantee or its free requires that you keep requests within code or Accepted Standard install parameters, and notify us on our invoice, before we leave the house, so that we can address any issue you may have.

We do low boy retrofits (36" tall gas water heaters are no more...), and we are simply the most reasonable company you'll find. We can use any manufacturer of heater you may prefer. We do mechanical services and have great references for the 17 years we've been operating. We can remove your galvanized piping and replumb your entire home, run natural gas anywhere you might need it, or complete that plumbing project that's been nagging you forever. We install 400 water heaters a year, and we do it right...We include delivery, installation and haul away, clean up, proper disposal (recycle) of the old unit, and we'll really show you how to operate the unit and make it last as long as possible. We can explain very clearly why those nagging pipe freezes are occurring, and show you what to do to make it not happen again.

We do top notch professional installs, NOT handyman installs. And the handymen, as nice as they are, don't usually carry the insurance that is so very important. As goofy as it sounds, water heaters are our lives, you'll see the difference in our install. Although water heaters are typically considered a 10-12 year appliance, we'll show you how to increase the lifespan of the unit by up to 50%.

We'll be honest about your options if your existing heater is causing trouble....sometimes you don't need to replace the unit. We're just a phone call away for all the help you might need over the phone, at no charge.

We also specialize in replacing or adding pressure reducing,or reduction, valves. If your incoming water pressure is over 70 psi, you truly should have one. Its quite typical to advise replacement with the water heater, as the lifespan of the two is very similar, but we promise we aren't the pressure folks only interested in the sale. They will help eliminate pipe hammer or banging and extend the life of your water heater, as well as the rest of your plumbing system components, considerably. Additionally, in a closed system, a pressure expansion tank may be the right thing to do so that your next water heater will last as long as it possibly can, and things don't have a tendency to blow up (it may be code in your area). We can pull permits. We're clean, professional folks that you'll find are able to be trusted...we'll be careful in and around your house and complete the job correctly for a price that's really fair. Our follow up is great, and we'll be there in person if you ever have a problem- night or day. We warranty our workmanship three times as long as most other plumbers. We're always available, night or day, for any issues or concerns you may have, related to your hot water heater, or not!

We do NOT sell those silly service plans, please don't purchase them, they are nothing short of a waste of money. Remember, we're only $85 over what you as a handy homeowner would pay to go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase the heater, and accessories, and then spend all day installing the unit. Not including the few new tools we all know you'll buy and never use again, and the four trips to the store. We're usually about $400-800 less expensive than Home Depot or the big guys for an installed price, and we aren't upcharge crazy when we arrive. At least once a week,we hear of a plumbing company trying to charge $1700 to install a 40 gallon heater, and we're there for a third, and still making a good living. We have as many references as you can read in a few hours...the only way to thrive in contracting is to do top quality work. We typically only log two heaters a day per team at most, so we're not in a rush and take our time to complete your job like we'd do our own. Either it's done correctly to your satisfaction or you don't write a check. We do not ask for a deposit, and we don't upcharge or change our prices midstream. We have a simple agreement that we both sign when we show up, before we begin work. We will allow a check to be postdated. Feel free to give us a call, anytime night or day. We'll just ask a few questions about your install parameters and we can give you a good idea of what the total will run. Again, NO SILLY TRIP CHARGES, fuel surcharges, or anything sneaky. Give us a call. If we aren't the most professional, expert folks you call, and if we don't provide more information than ANY other company or individual, we'll install your heater for FREE. No kidding, try us. Additionally, for you nice folks with Low Boy (36" tall, 40 gallon units) gas water heaters, we can offer you options and pricing that many other companies cannot. As you're aware, the LowBoy units aren't made any longer, and there are typically only a few things one can do instead, and we'd be happy to help you make an educated decision. We've had many calls on this lately, and most companies start their pricing at $2000, and go up. Obviously, there are installs that we have to come to you and give you a free quote, and these are some of those. We're very fair, and a bunch less!

Thanks for taking the time to read our lil ad. No matter whom you choose to replace your heater or complete your plumbing work, we wish you the best!!

Fallbrook Contracting, LLC
Dan, Mike, Jessica and Rick

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  • Paul

    Dan is judgmental and crazy! Please don't use them if you smoke or have ever smoked or know anyone who has ever smoked, Dan literally write ads as a landlord wishing death upon you if you do! Dan is a Horrible, nasty human being!
    • 03/27/2020 02:00 PM
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