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Posted: Jun 13, 2017 03:11 AM
SkyMountain Painting & Remodeling
Logan, UT
(801) 787-4604 (Mike Carter)
SkyMountain Painting & Remodeling

-Interior & Exterior Remodeling
Business and Residential painting and remodeling services in Utah, Salt Lake, and Cache Counties.
Home, Kitchen, Cabinets, Bathrooms, Fences, Decks, Office, Kids Room, Etc. Build It/Renew It. We can make your home how you've always wanted it.

-Sprayed, Rolled, Brushed or Textured Painting
SkyMountain offers a variety of techniques to accommodate different styles and sizes of jobs.

-Fine Finish work and Remodeling Services
We also provide fine finish work to make your project look the best. Examples include crown, baseboard, door and window trim installation, cabinet refinish, door installation, light sheetrock installation, spackling, caulking, custom builds, sanding, etc.

-Kids Room Accent Walls and Murals.
Colors invite imagination, happiness, and optimism into your child's life. We offer a variety of simple designs that will turn your kid's or baby room into a brighter environment.

SkyMountain Painting & Remodeling is a family & friend owned and operated business based out of Logan Utah.

SkyMountain Painting & Remodeling

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