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Posted: Oct 25, 2020 01:46 AM
Lose Weight Fast With MEGA MIX!
Asheville, NC
(678) 437-9890
The "ONLY" NATURAL Drink Mix
That Infuses Your Body With 112 Vitamins And Nutrients
For *More Energy *Better Health *Quick Pain Relief *Fast Weight Loss!

Initial Trial Testimonies
"My crippling arthritis left my knee and I lost 6 lbs!" Alethia Duluth
"My feet stopped hurting and I lost 6 lbs. in 7 days!" Janice Grayson
"Both my knees stopped hurting & I lost 10 lbs in 14 days!" Shanda G.
"I've got energy. I feel great! I have no pain. &
I lost 20 lbs. in 30 days without exercising! Andre" Ashley Duluth

Compare & Save

Energy Drinks Cost An Average Of $100/Month
Health & Wellness Prescriptions etc. $100/Month
Pain Relief Cost An Average Of $50/Month
Weight Loss Can Be As High As $500/Month
$100 + $100 +$50 + $500 = $750/Mo.

MEGA MIX gives you ALL 4 Benefits In ONE Product.
*Energy *Health *Pain Relief & *Weight Loss For Only
$7 per 2x3 inch pack reg. retail.

Today's Special Introductory Price Only
$5 per 2x3 inch pack! Hurry!
Directions: Pour one 2x3 inch pack in an 8 ounce bottle of cold water or your favorite fruit juice. Shake vigorously and drink it 20 minutes before you eat. That's it you're done for the day!
$~Distributors Wanted~$
Ask About Wholesale Pricing For Full Details Call Ashley Today! 678-437-9890

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