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Posted: Jun 18, 2021 01:34 AM
We love pets! $10 hr SAME DAY CLEANERS (Salem, Roanoke & Floyd)
Roanoke, VA
(540) 526-3341
SAME DAY APPTS WHEN AVAILABLE. We are offering an express clean of $20 for 2 hours for our new customers who want to give us a try! Call and book today. We have openings. Call or text 540-526-3341We love pets and their messes and kids and don't mind messes! Can do laundry,floors, move boxes,anything you need very fast very speedy!

We do have openings everyday, same day appts 7 days a week including today, and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. We clean 24 hours a day! We go anywhere there is dirt! We also clean in FLOYD
Rke/Salem/Vinton/NRV, Pulaski, Dublin, Radford, Riner, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, /SML and more.

$30 for 3 hrs, $40 Housecleaning for 4 hours Speedy Cleaners and we do laundry.
Call us and we can clean the same day if we are not booked. Call or text 540-526-3341

We will clean your house , do your laundry, wash your dishes, scrub your floors, whatever you need done as fast as we can for $20 for 2 hours as an express clean, $30 for 3 hrs and $40 in a 4 hour span. We organize kids toys, pick up cluttered rooms. Organize closets and drawers, clean ceiling fans and light fixtures, baseboards, bathrooms, you name it! Not lazy and very speedy. Call us today and we could clean today! Quick turn-around. Call us at 540-526-3341. $40 for 4 hours.

We do have openings days, nights and on Saturday as well. Quick turn-around

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