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Posted: May 13, 2016 03:00 AM
Rochester, NH
(603) 436-9700 (Allison)
Drowning in Paperwork? Business Taxes Behind? DON'T PANIC !

Recently retired accountant available for excel and quick books work.
No office overhead, no office staff, fees reasonable.

For quick assignments.
$100 minimum fee to complete single-day, small projects, 48-hr turnaround.

For project work.
$100 retainer fees, for each 5-6 hr work day, one-day-a-week, or one-day-a-month.
You pace the work, one retainer at a time, as you can afford it.

For priority work.
You must be available and reliable for Q&A's.
I can match my schedule with yours, or opposite yours, so I am working while you are working and not available, or so I am working while you are sleeping. I will keep you updated as each retainer is used up before we agree to another work day.

Open tab above to get in touch. All work is paid for in advance.
Work is received by batch identity and returned by First Class.
You will be billed extra for all costs to return both original and finished documents.
I normally return your documents without making copies. If for some reason this is necessary, you will be billed at my cost, done at the mail room lock-box facility.

Call me and leave a couple times for me to return your call, or give me the earliest and latest window of times you can be called. THERE IS NO COST OR OBLIGATION FOR A CONSULTATION BY PHONE TO SEE IF THERE IS MUTUAL INTEREST IN WORKING TOGETHER.


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