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Posted: Dec 01, 2019 02:15 AM
Math / Science Tutoring ((Texarkana area (20 mile radius))
Texarkana, AR
(903) 306-8339
Experienced Math and Science tutor available evenings and weekends in Texarkana.
I've tutored students from elementary school through middle school, junior high, high school, college and even graduate school.
I mostly tutor middle school and older students, and particularly enjoy working with adult students.
I understand the frustrations that can overwhelm students that have fallen behind as they get into high school or for adult students that are returning to subjects that they have allowed to rust for several years. I can help.
In particular, I can assist students that struggle with the concepts of Algebra, which is a fundamental tool in the mathematics toolbox. Much of the frustrations for students come from not understanding how much of the subject they are currently studying is based on maths they have already studied in earlier grades - but have not tied together with the 'new' math they are being presented.
I have tutored in almost every high-school level math-based curriculum - Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, 2 & 3, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Business Math, Economics, and most of the introductory-level college course in the same topics - Calculus 1,2 & 3, Statistics, Business Models, Economics.
I have assisted various students in prepping for the math portions of the SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE and my students have consistantly increased their scores by 10 - 20%.
Similarly, as a Mechanical Engineer, amateur astronomer, and with general knowledge gained over years of experience, I tutor in a broad range of middle school through high-school level science courses, including Physics,Chemistry, Earth Science and similar topics.

I am currently available Monday through Friday after 4:00pm with at least 4 hour notice. If weekend tutoring is desired we can discuss your scheduling requirements.
My usual rates are $25 - $35 per hour, depending upon the course-levels and maturity level of the students. For small groups (2 - 4 students), my rate will decrease somewhat per-student, but be aware that this may add distractions for younger students that can detract from the learning. My preference for initial meeting(s) is to meet at a mutually acceptable public meeting spot (such as Books-A-Million) so I can assess the student's needs and we can discuss terms and meeting times.

Please leave messages during regular work-hours at 903-223-7330 (Ask for Mike Sharkey) or call my cell phone (903) 306-8339.

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