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Posted: Nov 17, 2017 06:48 AM
Odors Eliminated - Smoke, Pets, musty... (Cedar Rapids)
Cedar Rapids, IA
(515) 523-3325
You probably don't notice the smell of your pets. Most people become smell blind in their own homes. You can be sure that guests notice it. The same is true for smoke and spicy foods.

If you are hosting guests or trying to sell you house you want it to be as pleasant as possible.

You can spend many hours and dollars trying to clean it away. Even clean houses retain animal, smoke, and food odors. Soap does not break the chemical bonds. We do!

Our environmentally friendly process breaks down the chemical bonds. We remove the source of odors, we don't mask it.

Give us 4 hours and you'll have a fresh smelling house.

For more information call Odor Busters at 515-523-3325

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