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Posted: Jun 11, 2016 02:45 AM
The SPOTT Swingers & Lifestyle Club
Kansas City, MO
2111 Television Place Kansas City, MO 64126
(816) 686-1154
Website / Link:
The world famous The SPOTT Lifestyle & Swingers Club is your place in the Midwest to come & meet people just like you. There is always someone for everyone. There is another couple just like you here looking for you. Come say hi to them. We usually have around 100-150 people attend our private parties.

We have private parties at The SPOTT every Saturday from 8:30PM till 3 or 4AM. Rain, sleet, or snow we are going to be open. We have been here in the same location for over 8 years without any incidents.

No one will touch you or put their hands on anyone. This is really just an adult couple’s night club with a twist if you want. We tell people it like going to a gay bar. You don’t have to be gay to go there and you always have the best time ever. It’s the same here but it’s a “swingers” club. The ladies can dress very seductively and walk around without being touched or harassed. Everyone has a great time.

We offer a lifestyle and swinger friendly location for adults that want to have fun times with friends and like minded people in an upscale private night club type atmosphere. People come to have fun! We have a private and secluded building that offers over 8000 square feet of play space. It has a fenced and gated parking lot for over 100 cars. We have seating and tables for well over 300 people. There is a liquor store, gas station, many hotels, and restaurants within minutes. We are located 5 minutes south of Worlds of Fun and 5 minutes east of downtown Kansas City.

The main dance hall has:
- A huge dance floor.
- Five stripper poles.
- Upper deck overlooking the main hall.
- Dance Floor Camera shows the action on the dance floor up on the jumbo-tron projector.
- The only dance floor Extreme Cooling System to keep you cool & fresh while dancing.
- LED lighted floating Techno Superstructure surrounding the dance floor.
- The most advanced LED lighting system synchronized with a DMX controller.
- A huge 15 foot x 25 foot music video HD projection system with Peavey surround sound!
- Comfortable padded chairs and over 30 intimate Las Vegas style booths for your fun & comfort.
- Bar height glass table’s area with cool LED lights and matching chairs.
- 20 foot high ceiling and 6 huge ceiling fans.
- Five huge commercial air purifiers.
- The club is non-smoking.
- 15x15 enclosed smoking area patio complete with fans, 2 heaters and a fire place.
- Outdoor patio area with picnic tables.
- A brand new HVAC system to keep the party hall cold in the summer and hot in the winter.
- No cameras are allowed in the main hall.

We offer three private intimate lifestyle lounges and one ULTRA group lounge were the music will not be as loud and you can get to know other people a little easier. All the lounges have new and upscale leather couches, loveseats, sectionals, and 42 flat screen TVs with Blu-Ray HD videos for your comfort. There is also a fan and automatic fragrance sprayer in every room. It gets pretty hot in these rooms sometimes. The private lounges are great for taking pictures as well. Check out our profile for pics of the club. It is very clean and very safe.

For your safety and for sanitary reasons we do not use shared 2 liter bottles or open ice bins. We have our own soda fountain machine with Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, Pink Lemonade, and triple filtered ice water for your convenience. Plus a fountain drink tastes so much better. The soda machine has a built in 250 pound automatic dispensing ice hopper.

There is always a nice spread of fresh, high quality snacks and munchies.
We provide cups, plates, plastic ware, napkins, ice buckets, straws, and wet wipes for you. We highly encourage you to bring your own unique cup or mug so you can easily locate it.

The SPOTT's super DJ/VJ will be spinning all your favorite tunes and showing all the newest and hottest videos on the huge HD Jumbo-Tron screen to go with the music. They always take your requests.

The bathrooms are super clean and very comfortable. We provide deluxe hand soap, hand & body lotion, body spray, hair spray, deodorant, mouth wash, automatic fragrance sprayers and automatic touchless paper towel dispensers. We have four toilets just for the ladies so you don’t have to wait in line.

Lick The SPOTT birthday chair at midnight is so much fun. Look for the Ready Whip cans.

The WETT SPOTT 16x32 foot swimming pool will be open as soon as weather permits. Kansas City’s only clothing optional swimming pool.

We are only here to have a kick ass party every Saturday. No other agendas. Period.

We advertise exclusively on LifeStyleFriendFinder .com and we support their website.
We encourage everyone who comes into the club to be a member of LSF2 .com.

The address to The SPOTT event center is:
2111 Television Place
Kansas City, MO 64126

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