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Posted: Nov 25, 2017 08:11 AM
Get your own Apple/Android App!
Vermont, VT
(802) 370-1908 (Jim)
Now you can get your own app developed and listed in the Apple iphone and ipad app stores, as well as the Android app store!

With your own app, you can:
* send Push Notifications to your customers and contacts to update them on specials, events and important information
*allow customers to share the app with friends and other interested people to increase brand recognition and new customers
* integrate your address with GPS on user's phones for easy navigation to your location or event
* schedule appointments (great for doctors, dentists and other professionals)
* place online orders (great for restaurants and other businesses)
* instant fundraising (great for schools and nonprofits)
*develop event apps to coordinate guest speakers, product demonstrations and much more
* one click social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other SM sites
---and much more.

Mobile apps are the hottest, most cutting-edge marketing tools around. Call or text me to schedule a free consultation.


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