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Posted: Jan 08, 2021 03:06 AM
Guitar Repair (Lapeer/Davison)
Flint, MI
(810) 701-6546 (Joe)
Has your old axe lost it's action? Do you have an old guitar in need of some TLC? Decided you want to start jamming again but your guitar decided it doesn't? What ever the problem, I can probably fix it! Shoot me an email or text or even call and tell me what you need done and we can go from there. Intonation off? Broken tuner? Got a bowed neck? Need new strings or some wiring fixed? Got ya covered! About the only thing I wont do is try to repair a broken neck or cracked body as it's pointless. Free estimates and local with 20 yrs experience working on and playing electric guitars. Contact Joe by text 8107016546 and let me know the problem and I'll let you know if I can fix it.....

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