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Posted: Dec 23, 2019 01:35 AM
Buying ALL Types of Coins + JEWELRY + Estate Pieces (Loudon, Philadelphia, Cookeville+)
Cookeville, TN
(865) 803-8021
I'm a collector & buyer of all kinds of ESTATE pieces! Silver trinkets, coins, diamonds, jewelry.
** Please Don't sell to companies/individuals who are melting/scrapping our U.S. Historic Coins!
I've been collecting as a hobby since I was a kid & would like to buy your unwanted treasures.
Old coins or coin collections: Silver Dollars, halves, quarters & dimes before 1964. (Also newer 1986-2015 Silver American Eagle, Gold pieces & even ingots/bars)
Buy Sterling Silverware / Flatware Sets & All kinds of jewelry...
IF you're not sure what you have, I'll be glad to help you BEFORE you choose to sell.
Whether you are settling a loved one's estate or just selling your own collection
I'll meet in the public place of your choice or come to your home/office.
Welcome to come by my new little store in Knoxville.
References available. Only deal Honest & Fair. Pay in cash.
If you know someone else, I'll pay YOU cash to refer your friends or family!!

Thank You for considering me!
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