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Posted: Aug 23, 2017 08:06 AM
I HANG TVs - NO WIRES SEEN. (Dayton & all surrounding areas)
Dayton, OH
(859) 393-1449
Website / Link:
One call gets your TV ON-THE-WALL & OFF the floor!

Honest pricing with NO price changes, you pay the price that you are quoted.

Click the reply button above for contact info. 859-393-1449
You can visit My website at OnthewallTVinstall.com

We ARE the original "On The Wall TV" installers

Anyone can mount a TV. However, finding a technician who can do the job right & offer professional service with great customer service is the real issue. I have been rated A as a 5 STAR installer because of my customer service skills & professionalism, background checked & cleared by US government for installation as well.

Even a handyman can mount a TV, as well as SOME of the others advertising on this CL section.
The questions that is being asked the most is in regards to the price being offered.

The others that are posting here will tell you a lower price & then charge you more for surprises during or after the install is completed. They want to get a foot in the door so that they can get first try at UP-SELLING your install.
Their prices do not include ALL materials needed, just the parts that you know about. Their prices are designed around the consumers lack of knowledge about TV wall mounting installs.

MY PRICES: are designed as flat rate fees with materials needed for connection included, like wall mount bracket, HDMI wires up to 16ft. in length & the electrical solution. My price has no time limits or wall materials restrictions, it doesn't matter if your wall is drywall, concrete, wood or plaster. My prices include connection of as many components as it is wired for, no limits of components to be connected..(you only need to supply the TV)

Flat screen TV wall mounting and home theater installations with all wires concealed in wall or in wire cover.

We have prices that include all the materials such as wall mounting brackets wires and electrical solutions.

Also, we have prices for those who already have their own bracket and or wires for installation, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our labor and installations.

My website: OnthewallTVinstall.com


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