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Posted: Feb 15, 2020 06:18 AM
Atlanta, GA
(678) 620-8426
Pest Control Service and other home solution services. FREE ESTIMATES on all services!
FREE ESTIMATES!! Call us today!
►►►Contact Us: Phone 678- 62O- 8426 or email at THSAtlanta@gmaildotcom
License and insured
Family owned and operated with over 19 years of residential experience and customer satisfaction.
Services offered:
★ Roof Repair-guaranteed patching of roof leaks and shingle repair
★ Plumbing repairs in and outdoors
★ Mold, mildew, moisture, and other water problems
★120 point Residential Home Inspection, includes mold, pest, asbestos inspection, and radon assessment
★ Power washing: siding, decks, roofs, gutters, driveways, boats, tractors, mowers.
★ Chimney sweep and cleaning of fire places, wood stoves, and stove pipes
★ Pest Control - insects (including termites and roaches), mice, rats, moles, flying squirrels and more
★ Gutter cleaning and repair
★ Insulation install for walls, attics and pipes
★ Asbestos sampling and testing
★ Mold inspection, identification and removal
★ Lead paint testing
★ Radon testing and prevention
★ Home moisture solutions, including assessment, repair, and water diversion.
★ Trash and appliance removal
★ Sealing cracks in concrete and asphalt
★ Moisture barrier install for crawlspace
★ Dryer vent cleaning
Call us up for FREE estimates on any of our services.
►►►Contact Us: Phone 678- 62O -8426 or email at THSAtlanta@gmaildotcom
We beat ALL competitive prices -- Guaranteed!
About Us: We are a family owned and operated business and have been working on residential homes and properties for 19 years and commercial properties for 8 years. We are a strong faith based company that believes in treating our customers as we want to be treated; Fairly, Honestly, and Cost Effectively. It's that simple. We choose to give the best service in hopes of a referral to friend or family member. We also wish for everyone to be a repeat customer. This is the most successful and satisfying way to do business, but most importantly it's honest.
►►►Contact Us: Phone 678 -62O- 8426 or email at THSAtlanta@gmaildotcom
CALL JJ AT 67862O-8426

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