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Posted: Apr 13, 2021 12:16 AM
IT Services and Computer/Phone Repair
Charleston, WV
(304) 397-0835
I offer independent computer/electronic device repair and consultation at a low hourly rate both both personal and business use.

Certified in Computer/Mobile Device Repair, Network Administration, IT Security, IP Telephony and Server Administration.

Services range from repairing phone screens and fixing your personal computer/laptop to setting up enterprise network solutions for small and medium businesses.

10+ years of experience

Money-back guarantee on all services and repairs.

Prices vary depending on work. Generally basic computer/mobile device repairs or home network services will cost $25-35/hour plus cost of parts. (no mark-up) I offer pre-determined time estimations if a client is more comfortable with a pre-determined fee.

Other services such as consultation and services for business IT will range depending on the length and complexity and technical requirements of your project.

You can reach me via call or text at (304) 397-0835

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