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Posted: Dec 26, 2016 06:48 AM
Company Formation, Intellectual Property, Leases, Contracts (Los Angeles)
Orange County, CA
(213) 935-0250
Do you need someone who has specialized experience in corporate, intellectual property, real property, and international business contracts and issues?

We work with companies on projects requiring specialized or additional experience. We are experienced professionals providing effective, affordable professional assistance as needed, when needed.


Kirschner & Associates brings solutions to the table for:

Corporations: We help with organizing, structuring, and filing your business in the United States or abroad. We help identify relationships that ensure that profits are maximized and assets protected, providing more opportunities to invest in success and growth. We help provide the information needed to make educated decisions on how best to capitalize on investments and protect them for the future.

Contracts: We assist in preparation, drafting, and reviewing of contracts, specific to needs, and help negotiate terms. We can establish, update, and coordinate contracts filing and tracking policies and procedures, that capitalize on efficiency and promote increased value.

Intellectual Property: We can assist in identifying and administering the registration of trademarks, copyrights, and patents, and provide assistance in policing of intellectual property to protect an owner's rights. We can assist in protecting trade secrets and prevent misuse of protected and valuable work product. We help identify and explain the issues involving Internet privacy, multimedia, copyright, trade secrets, and other intellectual property.

Real Property: We can help draft and negotiate terms of residential and commercial agreements for real estate transactions and conveyance of properties.

Litigation: We can assess your legal claims, provide inexpensive pre-litigation demands and settlement facilitation, and litigate efficiently if no other alternative is available.

Please call us for a free consultation at (213) 935-0250 or send us an email at info [at] kirschner-law.com.

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