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Posted: Feb 17, 2020 01:32 AM
Violin and Viola Lessons (Ewa Beach)
Oahu, HI
(808) 283-6723
Website / Link:
Recently relocated to Ewa Beach, Hawai'i from Las Vegas, NV.

Maui Vegas Strings (mauivegasstrings.com) offers:

+ Violin or viola lessons (private, semi-private, small group) taught by an fun, professional, experienced, classically trained instructor who is a violinist in the Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra

Are you:
+ between the ages of 6 - adult?
+ a violin or violist OR wanting to become one?
+ an adult who has always wanted to learn to play the violin??
+wanting to improve your musical and technical skills to reach your highest potential?
+a beginner with no previous musical experience?
+desiring to reach a musical goal such as but not limited to auditioning or applying for a program?
+wanting to study with a professional teacher and musician?
+wanting to fulfill a life-long dream of playing the violin or viola? I have a beginning student who is 78 years old! There is no maximum age in learning. In fact, it is never too late!! NOW is the time.

If this is you, our desire is to guide and assist you in attaining your goals!! Please call or text 808-283-6723 if you are interested in more information. You can also visit mauivegasstrings.com for more information. Thank you!

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