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Posted: Apr 02, 2020 02:55 AM
Furnace Repair and Replacement (Columbia)
Columbia, SC
(803) 717-0000 (Michael)
I am Michael Shoemaker. I have been in air conditioning and heating for over thirty years. I work for Lonnie Norman House Contractors as the Mechanical Systems Manager. We are a Residential Builder licensed to perform service on and installations of air conditioners, heating systems, venting, gas lines, plumbing, electrical and carpentry on any residential property in South Carolina. I am NATE certified in heat pumps and air conditioners installations and repairs. I am EPA certified to handle all refrigerants.

Call or text me at (803) 717-0000 for fastest response 24/7. I offer expert repair on all brands of heat pumps, air conditioners, gas or electric furnaces, gas packs, and duel fuel systems. If it's broken, I can fix it. Compare our prices and decide for yourself who offers you the best quality work at the lowest price.
If your system needs replacing, we are by far the cheapest on brand new factory direct full manufacturers warranty.

If you need your gas furnace or gas pack serviced or repaired give me a call to get started today.

14 SEER Goodman Split System Heat Pump Change Out (All parts, labor, and taxes included)
$2,600 1.5 ton split system heat pump installed
$2,800 2.0 ton split system heat pump installed
$3,000 2.5 ton split system heat pump installed
$3,200 3.0 ton split system heat pump installed
$3,400 3.5 ton split system heat pump installed
$3,600 4.0 ton split system heat pump installed
$3,800 4.5 ton split system heat pump installed
$4,000 5.0 ton split system heat pump installed
$60 Basic Trouble Shooting includes $30 to drive to your home and $30 for the first thirty minutes of diagnostics time.
Refrigerants sold by the quarter pound with a one pound minimum
R22 $40 per pound installed 410a $35 per pound installed
Buy your own equipment and I will hook it up.
$400 Split System Condensing Unit Install
$500 Split System Air Handler Install
$600 Package Unit Heat Pump Install
$700 Gas Pack Unit Install
$100 Extreme Cleaning of Condensing Unit
Includes removing fan shroud assembly to clean the entire coil. Some technicians try to save time and stick a cleaning wand down through the fan shroud to spray water through your coils from the inside which fails to remove the leaves, pine needles and muck inside the bottom of the unit. Eventually the fan dries it, blows it around and shreds it into pieces small enough to clog your coil. We remove all debris inside your condenser and all vegetation around it. I test the capacitors to insure they function properly to protect your compressor and fan motor.

A clean coil increases efficiency and lowers utility bills. A clean coil also takes stress off of the compressor by lowering the refrigerant temperature and thus refrigerant pressure in the condenser reducing the compressor amp draw. With a clean coil, the fan motor faces less resistance, pulls less amps and increases air flowing across the coil removing more heat with less electricity saving money.
$100 Extreme Cleaning of Air Handler -- I clean the coil, condensate drain connection, fan blades, fan assembly, test fan capacitor to protect your motor. We check your filter and duct connections for leaks. I check and reattach any lose insulation lining the inside.
Free Estimates Over The Phone - If you have a question, take a photo, text it to me and I can give you a price.
Free Advice For Do It Yourself - If you want to fix your own system but need a little help, we are glad to help either with a little advice or to step in and take over and finish what you are not comfortable with. If you had flooding and have questions about replacing your flooded duct work yourself, we are glad to share advice and a few key techniques for success
$100 Refrigerant Leak Seal -- If you know the exact location of the leak, I will seal it with a torch and silver brazing rod. Includes trip charge, oxygen and acetylene welding gases, silver brazing rod and up to one hour of labor.

If your system has a leak but still has refrigerant, it has to be recovered and stored in an external tank before the leak can be sealed. Once sealed the system has to be pressure tested. Then the atmosphere has to be vacuumed out before I can pump the stored refrigerant back into the system. It then has to be topped off with additional refrigerant and tested to insure proper performance.
$100 Refrigerant Leak Locating - I can find most large leaks within an hour. The smaller the leak, the longer it takes to locate. First hour of labor, trip charge and materials are included in the $100 with additional labor time billed at $60 per hour.

Offer includes recovery of refrigerant into a recovery tank and pressurization of your system up to 300 pounds per square inch with dry nitrogen. You will be able to hear the leak or a soap solution will cause bubbles to form allowing us to find the leak. We also use various electronic leak detectors including infra red, heated electrode, and chemical dyes and fluorescent lights. In extreme cases it may be necessary to cut your system into pieces and pressurizing each piece to isolate the leak and the cost can be as high as $500.

I have leak checked hundreds of systems, and eight out of ten times I find the leak in the outside condensing unit as it is exposed to the elements and debris from lawn mowers, trimmers and other hazards. The vibration from the compressor can cause refrigerant lines to rub. Sometimes the vibration causes the copper parts to rub together and form a seal while off but when operating the vibration opens up that seal. It could be simply corroded joints where copper lines are fastened to the metal supports or a puncture from an external object. Once I locate the leak, I can weld it shut using a torch and silver brazing rod.

Ninety percent of the time that I fix a leak it solves the problem and the system holds pressure for years to come hopefully lasting until it is time to replace the unit. I guarantee the leaks I fix, but a new leak may develop in a different area as soon as tomorrow if your system is rusting out. If your leak was due to a puncture from an outside source we recommend sealing it. If it is leaking due to rust then it will possibly leak in other areas which are also rusting. Sometimes it is best to put in a new low cost unit with a warranty. If you prefer to fix your existing unit, I will find and fix the leak and show you that your system is leak free.

There are three possible locations where a leak may develop. The condensing unit outside, the air handler, and the copper line set between the two. The smaller the leak, the harder it is to find. A leak may be so small that we may have to cut the system into parts, pressurize each section to determine which part contains the leak. I then reassemble and pressure test the whole system to insure there are no other leaks.

It is imperative that you understand up front that it is an educated gamble as to how likely it is to develop a new leak versus the cost to replace. There is no guarantee on used equipment repairs.
$300 TXV Replacement Labor
Recover your existing refrigerant into a recovery tank.
Remove your existing TXV, obtain a suitable replacement and install it. I pressure test the reassembled system for leaks with three hundred pounds of dry nitrogen. I use a vacuum pump to remove the atmosphere containing non condensable gases from the system, and then a refrigerant pump to move your refrigerant back into your system.
$300 Reversing Valve Change Out Labor - includes recovering your existing refrigerant into a recovery tank then removing your existing reversing valve and picking up and installing a replacement, testing the system for leaks, pulling a vacuum and pumping your refrigerant back into your system.
$300 Multi Speed Fan Motor Change Out -- Motor and labor included.
$200 Variable Speed Fan Motor Change Out -- You buy the motor and I change it out.
$100 Duct Inspection and Repair -- I will inspect all of your duct work and seal all leaks up to a maximum of two hours. Minor additional charge for materials such as Mylar tape, spray adhesive, duct sealant and duct ties as required.

$60 Duct Repair by the Hour
$100 New Electrical Outlet and Box Installed - includes running wire from existing outlet to new outlet location. Includes new outlet box, electrical outlet, wire nuts, tape, cables, straps and up to 15 feet of wire. This price includes rough opening the wall between outlets. We can repair the wall or fish the wire without opening the wall for more.

$400 Wire a Room - Install a 15 amp breakers and run wire to one rooms and install two outlets and a wall switch and one over head light fixture in each room. Finished walls and ceilings cost more.

$800 Electrical Panel Change Out - includes labor and new panel box with breakers

$200 Hook up a Jacuzzi, hot tub or spa. Wire is extra.

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