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Posted: Jun 02, 2020 02:16 AM
Vermont, VT
(802) 377-7319
I offer affordable, experienced & quality haircare for folks that have special circumstances that make it difficult to get to a salon or would rather just have their hair done by a professional without leaving the comfort of their own home.I simply come to you! I have fourteen years experience in cosmetology and have chosen to leave the busy atmosphere of the traditional hair salon and go in this unique direction. I have a lot of experience working with elderly women in particular as I understand it can sometimes be a challenge to get to the salon but still want their hair cut,permed,set,etc.That does not however limit my services to the elderly...All are welcome to inquire! I offer all cosmetology services at very reasonable rates. For more info or if you have any questions please contact me. I look forward to serving all your fabulous hair needs!

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