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Posted: Mar 26, 2016 03:33 AM
Licensed Pest Control Services (Pierce County)
Seattle, WA
(253) 507-2279 (MICHAEL)
See attached price list.
Call and talk directly to your pest control technician about what type of services you may need and get a quote.

King County: +1 (253) 254-1030
Pierce County: +1 (253) 282-8918

Analysis - Inspection - Identification - Monitoring - Action
Firewall Pest Solutions is a family owned company. Michael H got into the pest management industry because it appealed to his interest in insects and the environment. The Firewall Pest Solutions team is very much a family and our culture reflects that. At Firewall we are proud to protect the NW from the nuisances, damages, and health threats that pests can cause...but more importantly, Firewall is a proud supporter of the local communities on pest education. A safe protected environment free of the health risk that pests can cause is the Firewall motto. We are always looking for ways to use our resources and contribute to local causes and communities.
Over the years Michael has improved his knowledge in the Pest Management Industry by continuing to attend Urban IPM, WDO pest inspection, and Bed Bug classes through WSU.
"PC1" Put the customer first. That means family, pets and environmental safety comes first.
Firewall Pest Solutions
Evaluation - Inspection - Identification - Monitoring - Action
W.S.D.A Certified, Licensed, Bonded, Insured Pest Technician/Structural Pest Inspector
Educated in pest management WSU Extension
Call and talk to your pest technician directly
King County: +1 (253) 254-1030
Pierce County: +1 (253) 282-8918
Website: www.FirewallPestSolutions.com
We match or beat any quote!
W.S.D.A Licensed, bonded, insured pest technician & certified pest inspector.
Free phone estimates
Environmentally friendly products
Next day service usually available.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards accepted.
Electronic email invoicing and receipts.
Affordable pest solutions for home and business.

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