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Posted: Mar 10, 2022 02:10 AM
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 309-5288
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Here at Frigid Air we love our customers because we know (without you there wouldn't be us) we have a very small family owned HVAC business where we focus on your heating and cooling needs. we like keeping the business small because you as the customer know who your dealing with, we love that your not just a number in our phone system it's more important to us that your a name. Here at Frigid Air we want to be on a first name basis, And we truly believe (if it works don't fix it) but do believe in keeping a system running its best. If you have any questions or would love to join our HVAC family feel free to give us a call anytime, you can call or text 336-309-5288 or check out our web page @ FRIGIDAIRHVAC.COM, We take all kinds of payments and offer many programs to fit the needs of our customers, thanks and have a bless day........

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