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Posted: Dec 27, 2018 06:08 AM
Seattle, WA
(206) 890-4901
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I am a very experienced (worked as a Math Faculty at the University), a PhD (Numerical Analysis) math tutor with solid Math and Test taking experience!

With me YOU get the MOST AFFORDABLE RATE and (modestly speaking) THE MOST experienced and QUALIFIED math tutor in Seattle area.

I tutor on a daily basis numerous students at College and University level. University of Washington has me on their tutoring list for years and worked and helped with math and admission tests hundreds of students from UW, Argosy University, Seattle Central Community College, Lake Washington Technical College and multiple private schools.

If you need to gain confidence and learn all the strategies in order to score in the highest percentile!!!
I offer Private Hourly tutoring and Course Package for each Standardized Test (it includes review of previous test, practicing and explanations).

My rate is $60/hour or a discount package purchased in advance of 12 hours at $50 for a total of $600.

If you need more hours I have a better deal yet: 18 hours of tutoring at $45/hour for $810 OR

SUPER DISCOUNT package of 24 hours at $40/ hour for a total of $960!!! Can't bit that!

Compare my rate of with the rates of these local Seattle test prep companies: Veritas: 14 hours for $2,800 ($200 / hr) Kaplan: 15 hours for $2,449 ($163 / hr) The Princeton Review: 18 hours for $2,268 to $6,804 ($126 / hr to $378 / hr)

Cell 206-890 4901

email: evagramatikova@gmail.com

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