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Posted: Sep 11, 2020 01:35 AM
Kosher Nosh Jewish Deli
North Jersey, NJ
894 Prospect Street Glen Rock, NJ 07452
(201) 445-1186
Website / Link:
Mon - Sun 8:00AM - 8:00PM Restaurant 11:00AM – 7:30PM
The Kosher Nosh in New Jersey is a Bergen County institution. We offer Kosher Catering, Kosher Delicatessen, Appetizing, Family Dinning, and we are doing it the Kosher way since 1976. In our dining room you may have a bowl of the real thing: Chicken Soup (or is it the Penicillin soup) with plump firm Matzo Balls or you may take it home with our cooked to perfection Kreplach! UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF RABBI ISAIAH HERTZBERG THE KASHRUTH COMMITTEE OF BERGEN COUNT.

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