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Posted: Sep 17, 2020 01:05 AM
***Evaporative Cooler Repair & Maintenance Service*** (SL County)
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 864-2267
Reasonably priced, next day service, provided by Brennan's Home Appliance Installations. We will prepare your evaporative cooler for the inevitable summer heat and clean and button it up for Winter. Our service includes: Onsite Inspection of your Evaporative cooler, (interior/exterior) clean interior, seal reservoir if requested, inspect/oil bearings, inspect belt including tension, determine if pads need changed; replace if necessary, inspect water supply line....Fill; then inspect float valve, motor, pump and that spider tubes are equally distributing water. We will ensure the on/off control works as calibrated and your cooler is ready to keep you comfortable this summer. Please Call or text 801-864-2267 for appointment or additional information. We also replace motors, belts, pumps and control switch.

**I can convert your old dial control to a new "set and forget" digital control
for less money then you would think. ** (CALL OR TEXT FOR DETAILS)

**Evaporative Cooler Digital Thermostat Conversion**

**I will convert your old dial control to a new "set and forget" digital control (thermostat)
for less money then you think. ** (CALL OR TEXT (801) 864-2267 FOR DETAILS)

**You'll Save money on your electric bill too** Automatically turns cooler off when desired temperature is met and turns on automatically when set temperature exceeds your comfort setting.
I leave mine set at 72 and always come home to a cool house.

Features. LCD Digital Thermostat.. For Evaporative Coolers.. With 1 Or 2 Speed Motors.. From 1/3 To 1 Horsepower.. Digital Temperature Read Out.. Constant Room Temperature Displayed.. 4 Minute Pre-Wet Start Delay To Allow For Wetting Of Cooler Pads.. Installs In A Single Gang Electrical Box.. UL Classified..

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