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Posted: Aug 17, 2020 01:11 AM
RANCH/FARM Steel Roofing and Siding, Flat Roofs, Rubber Roofers Roofs (Burlington/Ft Morgan/Limon/La Junta)
Eastern CO, CO
(303) 495-4828
Website / Link:
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Professional Roof Inspections, Adjuster Services (not a public adjuster),
Property Scopes & Project Management/Supervision Services
Tile Roofing, Wood, Asphalt, Steel, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Flat roofs
Steel siding, windows, Steel Window Wraps and Cladding.

*We're kind of old fashioned; We're happy to prepare a competitive written bid on any type of roofing, siding or repair, even on insurance claims.

Low sloped or complex roofing systems on commercial and ag structures can be problematic by design; to compound the cost and confusion are the "traditional" roofing companies, who of course want to replace all roofs, but do not have the confidence, ability, or specific products to Repair ANY ROOF, if a repair is warranted, or until the budget or or timing is right for the property owner to consider replacement.

Who better than a licensed property adjuster/General Contractor and 20 years experience Commercial Roofer and Siding Pro to prepare a UNBIASED repair or replacement report for your best interests. These reports are used as a basis of comparison in the case of Real Estate Transaction documentation or insurance claim comparison.

Free or Fee based Inspections and Reports available, along with the latest technology (such as Xactimate and RoofScope.com) specifically designed to put the Homeowner or Facilities Manager In Control.

*Accredited All Lines Claims Adjuster-Florida License # W101104--
*Fire, Catastrophe, File Review Qualified 3 major carriers
*EPA Lead Mitigation & Safety Certified -- Renovator
*Honorably Discharged Veteran with Clean Criminal Background
*GC consultant with knowledge of more than roofing.

Contact RoofingInColorado.com with any questions or concerns--"A No Obligation Conversation is Always Guaranteed" RoofingInColorado.com
com Three zero 3, 4 nine five, forty eight twenty eight

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