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Posted: Sep 10, 2021 01:54 AM
Buy Marijuana,Pain killers,Oxycodone,Ephedrine,JWH-018,xanax,marijuana,Actavis
Hialeah , FL
(725) 696-1437
we got top grade medical marijuana for  patients suffering from Depression ,Glaucoma,Anxiety and Tension,Headaches,Chronic Pain and Nausea,Mental and Physical Fatigue and for Calmingwax and cannabis strain........All orders are shipped from our main Branch in US using either DHL,Fedex,  UPS,USPS  and EMS depending on buyers location and desire round the globe(UK,Canada,Australia,Europe and within the states) if you are interested just let me know so that i can send you menu and we also issue medical marijuana card to all our buyers.
Email: frankcanabis179@gmail.com
TEXT :(725) 696-1437
Whatsap:+1(725) 696-1437
Kik id:weed12345678901

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