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Posted: Aug 10, 2020 11:42 AM
New York City, NY
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FIXENSE is an on-demand app that makes it easy for you to connect with local service providers (including licensed plumbers, electricians and other contractors) to get things done.

When you need help, simply post a job using video, audio, voice, or text, review the bids and select a provider. Before you know it your project will be finished!

No searching, no waiting, no bugging everyone you know to recommend a service provider, and absolutely no fee for all this convenience.

Here's how FIXENSE app works:

1. Select the job category
You can choose from dozens of types of service jobs.

2. Choose your location
You'll only be connected with local service providers.

3. Describe the job
Provide details. You can upload video or audio to show what you need done.

4. Confirm and finish
Your job description will be sent to nearby providers, who will then contact you. You can review multiple bids
to pick the right person for your job.

Download the FIXENSE app now and post your first job. Go to the app store or just go to FIXENSE dot com and enter your phone number for a download link from app store.

Currently available on iPhone only. Android version will be available soon.

*If you are a local handyman, contractor, or any service provider, please join FIXENSE for FREE! Just go to app store and search for "FIXENSE". Download the app and start getting job requests from local customers!

Join us for free at FIXENSE.COM today!

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