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Posted: May 16, 2020 02:04 AM
www.InstituteofTantra.com - Seeking Goddesses for Referrals/Training - New Programs
San Francisco, CA
Website / Link:
Are you interested in sensuality, and the arts of sacred sexuality through the Tantric Arts.
Are you already in the industry, offering sensual services, bodywork, healing, therapies in which you assist clients with their energetics..

Do you love bodywork, and would like to take on new skills.

Or would you like extra income through a nationwide advertising campaign streaming through many different avenues (not just the net)...
Institute of tantra is seeking you as their new team of Tantra and Sacred professionals.

our program is original, unique, created by members of OUR team and not copied from elsewhere (unlike other establishments)

you are working with a great team of established, professional women who are skilled, experienced and authentic as well as live in integrity and love what they do...

If you would like to have client referrals sent to you please contact us today and we can discuss further the options open to you.

Have a look at the website... email through from the website and let us know your thoughts.


opportunities to travel all over the world and work in establishments globally on offer to long term practitioners.

We are seeking honest, professional practitioners only. If you are happy to go through a simple referral system with us, then let us know your website details or send through a resume and pic.

You will need to have your own place you work from, and the space needs to be clean and hygienic. You could also lease a room from your local natural therapy centre and offer these services.

If you are keen, have some skills, experience and the sensual factor.. then contact us today to discuss opportunities.


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