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Posted: Feb 27, 2021 01:19 AM
Jade Lotus Tantra & Nuru Bodywork - Training and Private Sessions Avail.Global Program -OFFICIAL
Colorado Springs, CO
(630) 926-8809
Website / Link:
Phone: 630 926 8809
Breathe New Life Into Your Sensual World
Professional Practitioner Training - For Independent Practitioners in your City

With the Jade Lotus Method of Tantra, you not only experience Tantra healing, Prana healing and amazing physical sensations, but you also receive extensive theoretical knowledge on Tantra. This way you learn more deeply, take the knowledge away with you and are given guidance on how to apply Tantra to your everyday life.
To some, Jade Lotus Tantra is a lifestyle; to others, it’s empowering our spiritual masculine and feminine energies. So, what is Jade Lotus Tantra? And, most important of all, what is its relevance to us in today’s hectic lifestyle? The word Tantra is Sanskrit, the sacred language of Hinduism. It derives from the root word TAN, which translates as “to expand, or to weave” Tantra’s essence is mainly about continually expanding, spreading, and manifesting oneself like a “cosmic weave,” utilizing different energies. As individuals, we are a part of the universal weave and every type of energy and matter encompassed within it. This includes thoughts, actions, and all physical matter.
Jade Lotus Tantra, as taught at the National Institute of Tantra, is a newly formulated three-level method that is instructional, experiential and thoroughly therapeutic. Through the Jade Lotus Method of Tantra, we find a more “real”, more “complete” approach to Tantra. How? By recognizing and stimulating our inherent sensual spirituality, we are taught the essence of Tantra, how all the principles intertwine and become one and we discover parts of ourselves that have remained asleep or have been repressed. With Jade Lotus Tantra, energy is released that is evolutionary and upwardly motivated. We can learn to use this energy for pleasure, abundance, and for aiding our spiritual evolution. The taboo of Tantra massage is that it is a “happy ending” massage, a sexual service or a way of hiding behind a spiritual veil to make money from the Tantra bandwagon. There are, in fact, people who do that. However, the Jade Lotus Method of Tantra is one that does not involve any genital touching, and we do not provide a sexual “happy ending”. The three levels are based on learning, entering into a plane of education and consciousness.
The Jade Lotus Tantra is a three-step process.

Level 1 - CHakras - diagnostics, blockages and balancing and ejaculation controlling techniques
Level 2 - Pranayama - Breathing techniques and body dynamics and how these breaths work with different postures and positions of the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sutras.
Level 3 - B2B temple Massage, sensual and beautiful submission and surrender session to the power of the Goddess and Allow her to begin the process of Sublimation for you..

There are adjustments and additions to the Jade Lotus Program.. and it is now a more powerful approach to the beauty of Tantra.
Included in the Training is the Advanced Sessions of the Role Reversals and the Couples Training as well as the Master Classes of Red, Blue and Black.
This is the most complete Tantra Training in America.
Cost is only $1800pp for a 4 full day training.. complete with Manuals, sheets, and including up to 3 months of Email support for when you take your first clients...
For previous trained Jade Lotus Tantra Practitioners who have completed the 3 levels, the advanced and Master Class Training is an additional $600 only. for 1.5 Days. or to complete the four days again as a top up... only $800.



Kundalini Therapy bodywork and healing also available as a training modality to be offered in August.
To view please view the website and register your interest via email.


the newly formulated kama sutra dance program is now available as both facilitator training, private sessions or personal development and growth.. view website for more info.

These programs are suitable for Professionals wanting to open their own business, as referal options are available, for personal self development or for professional development within their careers. its a life altering process.

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